An innovative concept

Homework is difficult enough. So it's great that there is now a desk that makes everything else easy for your child !

Designed and manufactured in germany, moll kids' tables are high-quality, sustainable, safe and stylish. They are ergonomic desks designed to grow with your children, promoting good posture, following their activities and tastes.

moll growing desks, in compliance with ergonomic requirements, are the perfect anti-back-pain desks for children, with a bunch of cool functional features !

Features they all have in common :


Easy height adjustment

From primary school to graduation, only scholastic furniture that grows with children can help them sit in the ergonomically "correct" position during this important period of growth and development.

The patented yo-yo string makes it easy to ajust the desktop to the desired height. Just pull the chord, and done. No need to get up, no trapping of fingers, no stress!

Ideal for body heights of 109 cm to 200 cm


Tiltable desktop

The tops of all moll desks can be tilted, since the sight distance between the eye and the document is much less in a child than in an adult. That is why the document should be rought nearer to the eyes rather than the eyes to the document, as otherwise the child's back will be rounded, which in turn could cause backache and headache as well as other problems.

The desktops are continuously adjustable up to 30°; adjusting them is child's play, pulling on the handle under the desktop/drawer lowers it from any position.


A complete color set

Does your child's taste change every day ? Not a problem. moll includes the entire colour range for decorative elements with every desk; they all come with a box of seven colors !


The additions

When your child first starts going to school, he only needs a few pieces of paper. Later, he'll need lots of books, a computer with a monitor... So the desk can be extended flexibly with additional workspace to the left, right and behind


Knee and lower leg protection

Designed for children and young adults, moll furniture is extra stronge and safe.
Rounded corners and edges, adaptation in soft plastic and soft edges on the table tops for safer furniture.

Check the available items and their outstanding specific features ! Click here »


Your child will want to stay at this desk !

There's only one other thing that is required in addition to the ergonomically correct desk : the ergonomic chair. Or to be more precise : the Maximo by moll.

And because none of us is the same, the seat height and depth and the height of the backrest can all be adjusted separately.

Maximo is the perfect chair for accompanying children throughout their growth and development.