ergonomic height adjustable deks for kids
For details and videos about the main features common to all moll desks, please visit the concept page here.
Features included with all desks : ° easy eight adjustment
° tiltable desktop
° complete color set 

° free extras with Champion: book holder, magnetic anti-slip feature, cable duct
° available additions, extras and accessories
Champion left up + right up: perfectly matched to right -or left- handed users.
Right-handed people have a different grip and line of sight from left-handed people. moll remembered that: depending on the chosen version, the tilting and fixed parts of the desktop are the perfect ergonomic match. Our recommendation : left up for right-handed users and right up for left-handed users.
ergonomic desk champion front up
ergonomic desk left up ergonomic desk right up

Champion front up

Champion left up

Champion right up

NEW and unique tilt position
Wihout having to get up or getting fingers trapped, to tilt, pull repeatedly on the left button until the desktop is in the desired position (max. approx. 20°) - to lower simply pull on the right button as needed.

No disturbing gaps between the panel sections when the desktop is not tilted.
tilt desktop COMFORT height adjustment
Champion is fitted with moll's tried-and-tested Comfort yoyo height adjustment (featured on Runner, Booster, Sprinter and Runner Compact, see a detailed video here).
height adjustment
tilting function Cable duct
Roomy storage on the back of the desk for storing cables and plugs. Ingenious !
cable duct

Extras for champion

  container cubic  
giant drawer drawer cover cable duct cover cubic pad
Giant drawer
For practical storage
space over the entire
width of the desk; can
be added at any time
- foam inserts included.
Drawer cover
Complete cover for dust protects against dust / peeks
Cable duct cover
Frosted glass effect; protects the cable duct
from view
Container Cubic
Fitted with a lockable ustensils compartment
+ 2 drawers offering storage space
Pad S
When combined with the Pad S, the container makes a perfect stool. Cover can be removed and machine washed.
side top multi deck flex deck

Side top

Multi Deck

Flex Deck

Chairs (see Maximo unique video here)

Maximo FRESH



ergonomic chair maximo moll scooter ergonomic desk ergonomic chair wood


NEW Flexlight - the perfect light for children's eyes
The new flexible LED light shows out the highest flexibility and brilliant additional functions:
* Can be dimmed from 100% to 5% illuminance. The light doesn't flicker, either.
* Saves a lot of electricity: -85% on a 60W light bulb.
* Set the night mood easily thanks to the back-lit switch. Changes the colour by a simple touch.
* USB-charging station for iPod, cell phone and other electronic devices.

flexlight ergonomic lampflexlight ergonomic lampflexlight ergonomic lampflexlight ergonomic lamp